Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) is a social security scheme established in accordance with Section 5 of the Workers Compensation Act [Cap.263 revised edition of 2015].

The main purpose for the establishment of the Fund is to provide adequate and equitable compensation for employees who suffer occupational diseases arising out of and in the course of their employment and in case of death, for their dependants.

Reasons which led to the Establishment of the Fund

The establishment of the Fund was a result of the Government commitment to address the challenges which existed under the Workmen’s Compensation Ordinance [Cap 263]. These challenges were:

  1. The outdated workmen’s compensation Act of 1949 of 1949 which had undergone so many amendments and could not address the current needs of workers when they get injured or contract occupational diseases.
  2. Low levels of amounts given as compensation benefits.
  3. Limited scope of benefits and bureaucracy which led to persistent delays before benefits were eventually paid to beneficiaries.