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Imewekwa: 2nd Feb, 2019

Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) has been applauded for providing services aimed at improving the working environment and paying compensation when an employee is involved in occupational accident, contracts diseases or death that arises out of and in the cause of work

The commend were made by various stakeholders who had the opportunity to visit the Fund pavilion during the e-Government Agency (e-GA) Annual Meeting held in Dodoma.

"The employees are no longer troubled of compensational issues if they suffer occupational injuries or contracts occupational disease and even deaths because there is WCF thus increasing productivity for the nation", said Festo Mwakasendo from the NMB Bank and added;

"There is a tremendous need for Funds’ awareness education because many employees are still not aware of what to do whenever they experience occupational injuries, diseases and death. There is a need to educate them to recognize their legal right that is to be paid compensation benefits.

On the same note, Mr. Musa Kidato admitted that he was pleased with the Fund's efforts to conduct awareness education programs through various events.

"I attended the WCF Annual Stakeholders Meeting at Arusha and was very pleased with how you explained your services in detail. As you proceed, you will reach many who have not yet fully understood the Fund", said Mr. Kidato.

However, the Fund was challenged of continuing to provide awareness on the benefits provided with its other activities.

"The fund is still new so many people still do not know it, even a few who know it probably do not know well the benefits offered. I advise to continue participating in exhibitions, conferences, meetings and events like these to meet with stakeholders who are not aware of the Fund", advised Upendo Mosses from NaneNane, Dodoma.

E-GA Annual Meeting was held from January 30 to February 2, 2019 and involves more than 700 public officials from various government institutions.

By Borrice Bwire