uzinduzibodi_chetiMinister of Work, Gaudensia Kabaka launched board of trustee for Workers Compensation Fund (WCF). During the ceremony, she got a chance to speak on the law act of 2008 which led to the establishment of WCF. She then also speak on services to be offered by WCF. Also the Director General of WCF, Masha Mshomba got a chance to speak few words about WCF its mission and vision. It is believed that WCF is going to ease the burden that was previously carried by employees themselves, this includes compensation on injuries, death and such during work duties.

Minister Kabaka launched that board of trustee which is going to be led by its chairman Emmanuel Humba. The Chairman received the certificate uzinduzibodi_tenafor registration from the minister of work, Certificate was issued by Social Security Regulatory Authority (SSRA).